Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Rarity

My kids don't usually sleep in the car too much. Just on long trips and when they are young infants and sleep all the time anyway. But, for the most part, I try to be at home when they take their naps so they can get the good, uninterrupted block of sleep that they need. Anyway, that's why this sleeping baby in his car seat is a rarity. And that's why I snapped a photo. That and the fact that he's adorable when he sleeps. Look at those lashes. And his lips. Goodness, I do love this boy.




Mary said...

I hear ya! Sam is already showing signs of hatred of the carseat! I get so jealous sometimes of those mom's whose kids sleep in the car!

Christina said...

He is adorable. I want to squeeze him!

Christina said...

SO cute! He sure does have those beautiful, long lashes and pretty, full lips!

Rabelers said...

Same with us! Emily detests the car seat and refuses to sleep....but it is nice on the rare occasion when it happens!