Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cookefam Free Printables

I am making several of the things I've designed in the past for my own use, available as downloads here on the blog. I have benefited from downloading graphics and design from others, so I thought I'd upload and share as well. This post will be available through the "printables" button on my sidebar for future reference.

Please feel free to use these for your own projects, just don't repackage/redesign any part of them for sale or profit, please. Thanks!

When the Google Docs page fully loads, go to "file" on the far left and select "download original."

5x5 Monogram: Each monogram tile is sized to 5x5. All the letters of the alphabet are included in the download as well as a blank tile and the ampersand (&). I used this monogram in my upstairs gallery wall.


Silhouette Frames: These are blank for you add a silhouette, as I did in my upstairs gallery wall, or anything else that strikes your fancy. Each frame is sized to 5x7.

Household Notebook Cover: I updated my household notebook cover a little while ago to look like this except with our last name included on the label. The cover is sized to 8.5 x 11.


Design Notebook Cover: This is the cover I used on my design inspiration notebook. It is sized to 8.5 x 11.

Thank You Notes: I designed these to use as gifts for Ethan's preschool teachers last year. I had them printed at Shutterfly, I think, although there are several places that allow you to upload your own design. Or just print on cardstock and let them be thank you postcards instead of folded cards. These can work as gift tags too. Each card is sized to 5.25 x 3.25.


Chevron Background with Tags: This is the background I used for my three coins in my upstairs gallery wall. You can use it for coins or anything else. Put your own writing on the tags to give details about your display. This background is sized to 5x7.


Winnie the Pooh Quote: I also used this in my upstairs gallery wall. It is sized to 4x6.


Bag Tag: I made this initially for Logan's diaper bag, but have also made these for friends as well. I usually put a monogram or the baby's name and then the parents' contact information on the back. You can add whatever text you would like. Just print out, cut, and then fold in half. I use self-laminating luggage tags to make these bag tags durable and water-proof.


Cars Party Food Label: I designed these for Ethan's 3rd birthday party. I printed them with the names of the dishes/drinks I was serving.


Cars Party Food Flag: Another design for Ethan's 3rd birthday party. Just print, cut out, and fold in half around a toothpick and secure with glue or tape. I used these as toppers for Ethan's cupcakes at the party. The download includes a set with the #3 on them and a blank set for you to add your own number or letter.

Cars Party Favor Bag Topper: This topper (created for Ethan's 3rd birthday party) fits a 5 inch favor bag. Just print, cut out, fold over the top of the bag, and staple in place.


Cars Thank You Notes: These are sized to 5.5 x 4. They can be printed on cardstock from your printer or you can have them printed somewhere.


Valentines Treat Topper: I made these for Ethan's preschool friends last year. They fit on top of a regular snack or sandwich bag. Just print, add your child's name, and fold in half, securing with a staple to the bag.


Teacher Halloween Treat Topper: I made these for Ethan to give to his preschool teachers last year at Halloween. We had made some pumpkin treats and put them in regular sandwich bags. Print, fold, and secure with a staple. You can also write a message on the blank part of the back.


B is for Boat Print: I made this for the boys' bathroom. It prints at 8x10. 


Halloween Treat Topper: Just another treat bag topper we used to give treats to Ethan's preschool teachers, but this template is generic so it can be given to anyone. The download does not include Ethan's name so you can fill in the name of your baker! Print, fold, and attach to a regular ziploc bag with staples.


The Thankful Tree: I used this label on my Thankful Tree to write things we are thankful for during the month of November leading up to Thanksgiving Day.


Thanksgiving Treat Topper:  A festive, thankful, topper for gifting treats at Thanksgiving. I used this to gift some hot chocolate to Ethan's preschool teachers.


Christmas Tags: Use for an Advent calendar like I did, or just for gift tags.


Christmas Treat Toppers: (4 styles that all fit over a standard ziploc bag.)





Dr. Seuss Quote: My favorite from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."


(Puppy) Party Invitation and Food/Drink Labels to match:


A Valentines Bag Topper (best used with a sticker gift or something similar):


Photo Scavenger Hunt for Kids:


Printable Quotes used in my office:




Another Valentines Tag. This one was used to label glow sticks as Valentines gifts.


A Teacher Appreciation Bag Topper (seen here).
 photo TweetTeacherTreatTopperBlogImage_zps7cd4fd5a.jpg

Buzz Lightyear Party Printables (used at Logan's 3rd Birthday Party):
 photo BuzzFoodLabelBlogImage_zps0bc2597d.jpg
 photo BuzzCupcakeToppersBlogImage_zps11ab4e55.jpg

 photo BuzzCenterpieceBlogImage_zps26d6290a.jpg

 photo BuzzThankYouBlogImage_zps0be51675.jpg

An "Out of this World" Valentine seen here:


Pirate Valentine seen here:


Happy PINK hearts Valentine seen here:


A couple of Father's Day cards with a way to make it your own, shown here:

 photo Fathers Day Minion Card blog image_zpsgb2u5s8p.jpg
 photo Fathers Day Minion Card 2 blog image_zpsfcb4nujx.jpg


Rabelers said...

these are great! love the designs!

Kayla said...

Hey! Just have to say thank you for all the Cars downloads!!! Saturday is Hudson's 3rd birthday and that is what he wanted! I remembered you having them on here so I used them! Thanks so much!!!

Laura said...

Thank you so much for the treat bag toppers, those are awesome!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the cute Christmas downloads. They were perfect for my son's teacher's gifts which were some sweet treats. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

Dara said...

I just downloaded the "Sweet Christmas" one for our gifts! Thanks so much! It is perfect!

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Thanx for the free printables. You are so creative and great work.

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Your printables are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your talent!!

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This is exactly what I needed--thank yoU!

Mary said...

Unable to download the Christmas Baggie Toppers which I love!!!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome site! Thanks so much for the free printables for gift bags. They are just adorable. I wish I were as creative and crafty as you ... but at least your printables help me play the part just a wee bit!

Angie said...

I just used your Christmas tags! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

All so cute!! I'm now printing the Crhistmas Tags, love them! Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

As others have mentioned, it is so great of you to share your talents. I just printed two types of Christmas bag toppers for treats to put out for our garbage and recycling people. Thank you! Merry Christmas! (Sorry if this is a repeat -- I couldn't tell if my first comment posted.)

Billie said...

These are amazing!
I'm using the Sweet Christmas one for my kids and will be sharing! Thanks!

Loretta Bernhardt said...

Thanks for the Christmas bag toppers! I found you on pinterest and LOVE your designs! It was the perfect touch to add to my bag of cookies. Merry Christmas!

Lisa Frater said...

Thank you absolutely love your work!!! Thanks again awesome designs! :)

Unknown said...

Rachel, I would love to use your You rock on my rocky road for Cmas this year. I note they are all pdf files. Do you share any templates that can be altered to suit? any thanks Debra

Tania G. said...

Many thanks for the inspiration & the fabulous sharing. Christmas tags for classroom treats really appreciated!