Sunday, August 14, 2016

Logan's 6th BirthDAY

Logan's 6th birthday was last week. We always do a donut breakfast for birthdays and the pink glazed ones are his favorite...

 photo DX0A5624_zpsohlurzsq.jpg

I loved how Ethan was excited for Logan's birthday too. He asked to take a photo with the "birthday boy." Cuties!

 photo DX0A5626_zpskf5c1a0w.jpg

Still shy about having "Happy Birthday" sung to him!

 photo DX0A5629_zpszclexx7r.jpg

 photo DX0A5630_zpsnvgxmdrl.jpg

 photo DX0A5632_zpsbijwzjjc.jpg

Sometime shortly after breakfast, Mimi and Pop called to Face Time Logan and sing to him too. You can tell by his face that he's not thrilled by that at all!

 photo DX0A5633_zpsuzldcpby.jpg

 photo DX0A5634_zpspeeo82td.jpg

 photo DX0A5636_zps1l0goiny.jpg

Right after breakfast we headed out to the YMCA to meet up with friends for a quick workout...and then swimming at our neighborhood pool! After we were thoroughly worn out by swimming, we picked up Casey from work and went to Petra together for lunch. They have some of the best queso, which is one of Logan's favorite things, so it seemed appropriate for his birthday lunch. I guess I stopped taking photos after we left the house that morning! But, it was such a fun day with friends and family all celebrating our Logan James turning six!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer Stuff

I have some random summer photos that I thought I'd just share in one post. They're all from this week.

A couple of days ago was laundry day. It started pretty can see Casey eating breakfast in the background of the photo. So, this was first thing in the morning.

 photo DX0A2263_zpsmwmvkagx.jpg

They've been putting their folded clothes away for me for some time now, but folding the clothes themselves has just happened recently. Logan says he "loves" folding clothes, although on this particular day he was not as enthusiastic about doing it all by himself. Ethan has been less thrilled with this new responsibility, but on this day he was fine with it...since I said boys who fold their laundry get their iPad time. Funny how that works. Either way, it got folded and put away and I didn't have to do it! 

 photo DX0A2266_zps1twm2hnv.jpg

As much time as we've spent outside already this summer, this is summer too...movies and popcorn! 

 photo DX0A2499_zpsog3qskmt.jpg

 photo DX0A2498_zpsgtl7axu1.jpg

Wherever there is popcorn, there is Duke hoping for a bite.

 photo DX0A2500_zpsr6k5j5mw.jpg

They were watching the second Harry Potter movie this time. 

 photo DX0A2497_zpsqil6wrho.jpg

During the Quiddich match, the movie became interactive. They paused the show and went upstairs for their broomsticks.

 photo DX0A2531_zpshnyk65wu.jpg

Then they flew around the living room chasing their golden snitch. Love it. 

 photo DX0A2542_zpsn14nyncx.jpg

Meanwhile in my office...Duke was getting cozy with his mini me. Logan had left his stuffed puppy in my office and on a whim I put it in Duke's bed. He came over and sniffed it...and licked it. Then he circled around his bed once and laid down right beside it. 

 photo DX0A2514_zpszjvp8m6q.jpg

This morning, just as the boys were headed outside, they asked for popsicles. Why not? They are a couple of crazies, though...

 photo DX0A2567_zpsb2dtei4n.jpg

They've tried the grape and orange flavors. So far, Ethan likes all of them, but grape best. And Logan only likes orange! Crazy kid. 

 photo DX0A2571_zpsi8dlxgga.jpg

I don't know what was making Logan laugh (probably something Ethan said), but they sure are cute. Right after this, they had an argument...and then went on to play outside together for almost 3 hours. 

 photo DX0A2574_zpsqrqeayrf.jpg

I've pretty much left them to their own devices this summer. I've always insisted that they find things for themselves to do...I am not a cruise director for their free time. They are used to it (and really good at it) because it's always been that way. Even when they were babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Sometimes I plan fun activities or outings, and we have a rough schedule (that includes reading, chores, and yes...iPad time), but mostly they just find things to do.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Goals: Swimming

I took my big camera to the pool this morning when we went swimming. One of my goals for this summer was to swim as much as possible. We are off to a good start.

I love these cuties. And the fact that they swim on their own. It's the best!

 photo DX0A2483_zpsxsdfonsg.jpg

They usually start out with some jumping...

 photo DX0A2274_zpsuiv3upn7.jpg

 photo DX0A2275_zpsnfferzlg.jpg

 photo DX0A2276_zps7scm8fqw.jpg

 photo DX0A2278_zpsme3mvtgd.jpg

 photo DX0A2279_zps9evujya7.jpg

I love that the water is clear enough to take photos through.

 photo DX0A2282_zps6q7niyu3.jpg

I can't get Logan to use his arms consistently when swimming...but he sure does get around the pool just fine!

 photo DX0A2297_zpsyzrmzwsp.jpg

I love this shot of them talking and planning their next move.

 photo DX0A2288_zpsghclknvx.jpg

Often they look synchronized...

 photo DX0A2289_zpsitfrqzbm.jpg

I was watching Ethan swimming off to my right and then Logan called my name to watch him. Then I caught this photo of him getting out of the water. I love it. 

 photo DX0A2300_zpslw0dlgzy.jpg

It never fails...ALL of Ethan's "crazy" faces involve sticking out his tongue. 

 photo DX0A2303_zpszseilbhr.jpg

Ethan said, "Watch mom! I'm going to be Superman!"

 photo DX0A2314_zps2rfiiidu.jpg

We brought the pool noodles this time. They swam around on them and invented a game called "Disney World." They swam from ride to ride in the pool and even said some of the catch phrases they heard time and time again on the rides when we were there over a month ago ("please keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times"). This totally cracked me up because I remember doing this exact same thing when we returned from our Disney World trips when I was a kid. 

 photo DX0A2332_zpsm9psemay.jpg

 photo DX0A2341_zpsuzw33cer.jpg

 photo DX0A2344_zps15j0k2cj.jpg

 photo DX0A2362_zpskwguph6s.jpg

 photo DX0A2365_zps1iqdr87h.jpg

Off to another "ride"...

 photo DX0A2424_zpserznupdg.jpg

This was part of one of the rides too, but I can't remember which one. 

 photo DX0A2385_zpsj6s0g0fm.jpg

My favorite photo of the day...

 photo DX0A2394_zpswcvs9rju.jpg

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sprinkler = Summer

For us, playing in the sprinkler in the back yard is as quintessential to summer as extreme heat, no school, and the 4th of July. We do it every year on repeat.

Since we've had our trampoline, that has been thrown into the mix too. I will never regret buying the trampoline...the boys have used it for so much more than just jumping.

 photo DX0A1917_zpsjxhq3mgx.jpg

Yesterday they made up a game where they had to avoid the water spray. I was framing this photo for Ethan, but I'm so glad I just barely caught Logan's face too!

 photo DX0A1919_zpsggsxtkze.jpg

Ethan showed quite the evasive maneuvers during this game. 

 photo DX0A1922_zpsrzslw4zc.jpg

Interestingly (or maybe not, if you know them), they never switched roles. When I suggested that, they both looked at me for a second and then carried on with their game. I guess this arrangement suits them both. 

 photo DX0A1935_zpsa57nbvi5.jpg

 photo DX0A1939_zpstgk3rd1q.jpg

After a while, they took the hose to the ground to play.

 photo DX0A1975_zpsxaglsrb5.jpg

 photo DX0A1990_zpsgue497io.jpg

I have no idea why Logan is blowing the water. 

 photo DX0A2039_zps9ndx7do8.jpg

I'm not surprised he drank it's sort of an instinct around water.

 photo DX0A2051_zpsyx0tgkyy.jpg

This time Ethan did want a turn, although it took some instructing from me to get Logan to turn the hose over. 

 photo DX0A2071_zpsgyyj5nie.jpg

The original water gun...the hose. 

 photo DX0A2076_zpslwio54nl.jpg

Again with the drinking...

 photo DX0A2087_zpslwoobadb.jpg

I suggested we hook up a sprinkler attachment, and since we hadn't used this cheap one from Target in a while, they picked that one. It really does spin around and put out a really good water spray...even better than the fun ones that are meant for playing. This one means business.

 photo DX0A2105_zps8lz3d929.jpg

Running and jumping, running and jumping...x 1000.

 photo DX0A2108_zpskk5imefy.jpg

 photo DX0A2125_zps98xty0ty.jpg

 photo DX0A2127_zpshcowz8qm.jpg

 photo DX0A2152_zps08vrl2wa.jpg

 photo DX0A2156_zps7wvyzcrp.jpg

 photo DX0A2132_zpsndkykyac.jpg

 photo DX0A2188_zpsplglxrgv.jpg

It was pretty cloudy but the sun peeked out every once in a while and gave a different feel to the photos.

 photo DX0A2166_zpsteskh3he.jpg

 photo DX0A2185_zps7nojwzam.jpg

 photo DX0A2193_zpsyf6y3ukl.jpg

This is what it looks like when you stop it from spinning...

 photo DX0A2204_zpsjnzwgwnd.jpg

 photo DX0A2205_zpsralyxggo.jpg

Ethan dragged the sprinkler over to the swing set for a while. 

 photo DX0A2215_zpsolsh5zn6.jpg

Duke was outside with us too. Generally he wants to be where we are.

 photo DX0A2219_zps0asgsza5.jpg

Ethan twisted Logan's swing up as much as he could...

 photo DX0A2224_zps9lb6hwtl.jpg

...and then let it go. I remember doing this as a kid. Some things never change, do they?

 photo DX0A2229_zpsdnjluglc.jpg

Next it was Ethan's turn.

 photo DX0A2242_zpscf8tscan.jpg

I can almost hear their giggles and shrieks again looking at this photo. I'm glad I caught them both laughing. After this I went inside to cool off...I wasn't getting wet so it was hot for me! But the boys stayed out for quite a while longer. The sprinkler never fails to entertain for hours. 

 photo DX0A2251_zpslbqfzofo.jpg