Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Stuck on You, Valentine


A couple of weeks ago, the boys and I were perusing the $1 section at Target just as they were putting out their Valentines stuff. I spotted some Valentines stickers and thought they would be perfect to pair with a small candy treat for Ethan's preschool classmates. So, I made a treat topper to fit over some 4 x 6 inch cello treat sacks (also from Target, which I already had). Ethan just stuffed the bags with a couple of sheets of stickers and a treat and then I stapled it shut with the topper.




I've spotted several other clever Valentines ideas in the $1 section at Target if you want to give something other than candy, but not spend a bundle. (Or pair it with candy like we did.) We saw pencils, shaped erasers, bouncy balls and more. 

You can download our treat topper (by clicking the image below), add your child's name at the bottom, and use for your own Valentines if you'd like.



Melody said...

I love it! So cute! And thanks for the download...that's awesome! Can't wait to do this stuff with Noah. Not sure he's old enough to sit still long enough yet, but I might give it a go. :-) And, I love that $1 section at Target. I made gift baskets for shower gifts from there, basket included!

Lindsay said...

Love! Will be tackling this project as well. Too cute! Thanks for sharing.

Rabelers said...

so cute! looks like a fun project!

M.B.S. said...

Rachel, I LOVE this! I wonder, though, if it's possible to have a version that I could manipulate. I need to move the last line over a little so my first grader will have more room--her school wants her to sign her name. I love your design!

Holly said...

Love this! Used a version of it for my oldest daughter's valentines. So sweet! Thank you for sharing.