Sunday, September 17, 2006

In the Dark

I like to be organized. My closet is no exception. I hang up my clothes according to type, length and sometimes color. I use the same white hangers for all of my clothes so everything looks uniform. Although it's not perfect, everything is lined up, folded up and buttoned up so that I can always see what's there. Now I can't see anything because, for about a month now, the light has been out in our closet. Not just the light bulb, the light fixture. Casey and I had changed it out once before only to see it flicker into darkness not two weeks later. Apparently something was wrong with the wiring. I think I'm really going to appreciate that light when we get it fixed, because right now I'm so frustrated that I can't tell pink from red, black from brown, long from short - you get the picture. The hanging clothes are the least of my worries - the drawers are the worst! I have learned to pick out clothes by feel, which is not the best method. I've also been dying to clean out the closet and get rid of some clothes and other things, but there's no way I'm tackling that job with no light.

But tomorrow may be the day that the light dawns again in the closet, because we've purchased a new fixture and have plans to get it up by tomorrow night.


Unknown said...

want to come organize my closet?
It's only about a 2 foot wide space.
I would love to have a walk-in closet!
I have to decide which clothes to put in it, and which get stored in a different closet upstairs. Not only do I have the basic summer or winter wardrobe, but then there's my materinty wardrobe as well! The good part is, every change of season I get to see the clothes that have been put away for the first time in ages and it sort of feels like getting all new things!

Unknown said...

I'm glad you like your closet like that, too! TJ thinks I'm crazy. Maybe I am. I even sent a box of white plastic hangers to the Domincan b/c I can't stand the thought of arriving & not being able to unpack b/c we don't have hangers. And I'm very picky about hangers! Wire hangers get all bent out of shape and put me in a bad mood in the morning. (Not hard to do, since I am not a morning person.) Maybe I will post about our closet in Guatemala - also very dark and sort of like this cabinet that I have to climb into to extract my clothes. Literally have to climb on top of a shelf about knee-high.