Saturday, September 02, 2006

Water Woes

Frisco, TX has been on Stage 3 water restrictions this very hot summer, which translates to only watering once a week, on our designated trash pick-up day (Thursday) and only during certain hours. Now, I don't think it's the water restrictions that are getting to our lawn, because watering once a week, as long as it's long enough is supposed to build a healthy root system. However, our lawn looks so pitiful - it's dying for some reason. When it didn't perk up in the Spring, I just thought it would be a "late bloomer" this year. Now we have bald patches and only a small portion of it is actually green. Not exactly the envy of the neighborhood.

On the contrary, the flowers (first picture) that I planted by our front door are thriving. They're called "Bachelor's Buttons" and they're little purple button-looking flowers. They've done really well, so I have something to be proud of! And for the nature-lovers, you can recognize the poison ivy above intertwined with one of our bushes. The poison ivy has also fared well this summer, much to my chagrin. Casey and I both have fallen victim to it's poison when we didn't recognize it for what it was. Now, I'm armed with poison ivy-killer spray that my mother-in-law says will take care of it once and for all. Now, if I could just remember to get out there and spray it...

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