Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Why do people do that?

I come across things every day that make me wonder about humans. Mostly my question is, "Why do people do that?" The past few days, I've been wondering about this...

Radio Noises: Why do radio stations play noises that sound like police cars or ambulances? When I'm sitting in traffic, or just driving for that matter, that's the last thing I want to hear, especially when it is just for dramatic effect. These noises should be banned from the airwaves and used only for emergency purposes. Haven't they ever heard of the boy who cried wolf?

Exit Only Lanes: Why is it that people only realize at the last possible second that they are in an exit-only lane? Do they not see the 3-4 bright yellow signs preceeding the exit that say "Exit Only?" Maybe they like living on the edge by not paying attention while they are driving and seeing how fast they can swerve into another lane (without a blinker) and avoid hitting other cars at the same time. I don't know.

ATM Fees: Why do people think that they shouldn't have to pay ATM fees? I know the thought is, "I shouldn't have to pay for what's already mine." True, but do you own the ATM machine? Do you pay to have it installed, maintain it? Do you own the bank, pay all their employees who make it possible for you to not have to store all your money in cash under your mattress? Probably not. So, would it be fair to say that you should be willing to pay for the convenience that someone else has provided for you? I think so. Obviously, your own bank's ATMs should be free since you are already their patron, but if you visit another one, I'd remember what our moms told us: "nothing in life is free." Now the issue of how much they charge is another story...

Inappropriate Name-Calling: Why do some men think it is appropriate to call women that they hardly know, "sweetie" or "dear" (or anything like that) - especially in the work place, or on the phone? Maybe this is just something that perplexes me, but it comes across sounding either condescending or too intimate. Just "miss" or "ma'am" will do (and is much more polite) unless you're my husband, dad or grandpa.

Elevator Etiquette: Why do people charge onto an elevator the moment the doors open only to run smack into the people getting off? Do they not suppose that there might be people disembarking from the elevator? Could they step to the side just in case so that people can get off of an elevator without feeling like they are navigating an obstacle course? Do these people think that they're the only ones in the universe? This puzzles me.


Heather said...

I agree with all of the above!! (I think the elevator is the worst though)...Have fun in Italy!!

Unknown said...

Sweetie, this is right on target.
Now, be a dear and go get me a cup of coffee.

My pet peeve is similar to the exit lane paragraph. I hate it when someone figures out they are in the wrong lane (perhaps they wanted to turn left, and are one lane over from that) so they proceed to slow down or even STOP in their current lane until they can get over into the lane they want to be in to make the turn that is about 10-15 feet in front of them. How about they just keep going, turn around and come back instead of making every person behind them wait for them to manuver over? I think it is one of the most selfish, stupid things that people do.

Blair said...

OK now pretend that you live in Washington DC and the elevator is the Metro and it's rush hour and you're in a hurry and it's in the middle of the summer and it's hot and muggy and there's a million clueless tourists milling around, none of whom stop to think "oh, maybe these people need to get off the train!"