Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Dream Jobs

I've always thought that it would be so fun to turn a hobby into a job. I've often fantasized about having these jobs, although I don't think I have the energy to actually make them happen however possible they might be:

Stationery Shoppe: It would be a little store with hardwood floors and dark wood shelves lined with specialty paper, stationery, invitations, journals, etc. And the title would have to include the word "shoppe" spelled like that.

Photographer: I would have a small comfy studio and I would shoot portraits, weddings and artistic photos in my spare time.

Professional Organizer: I would be a mobile oraganizer traveling to people's houses to whip their closets, cupboards and anything else in shape - I'd have to have a special business account at The Container Store!

Food Critic: I'd taste, savor and then write very clever commentary on any type of food available - I'd have to have a special business account at Weight Watchers!


Unknown said...

My dream job would involve traveling to exotic locals to report on them for a travel magazine.
I am also interested in the photography one, except I would photograph children, no weddings- too much pressure. Oh, and of course the food critic sounds great too! Cody and I have talked about opening a little soup shop at the base of the ski slope at Steamboat Springs, CO before. Maybe when we retire. We'd make all homemade soups and breads. However, I am not sure if we'd be allowed to use Campbell's Soups as our name!

LoriLoo310 said...

You seriously listed all of my dream jobs! Growing up I would always tell people I wanted to be a food critic. I was editor of my high school yearbook because I thought I wanted to be a photographer. We all know how anal I am, so organizing people's homes would be my perfect career. As for the stationery shoppe ... I would have a pastry shoppe instead. I looked into culinary school last year and seriously considered going. We should go into business together!

Amberly said...

Rachel, if you ever do become a professional organizer & need to practice on someone's home... please consider me!! :) While you're at it, why don't you offer unpacking services for procrasinators, like me, who will wait months before unpacking all my moving boxes!

Being a food critic has also been one of my top dream jobs. Ever since I saw Mystic Pizza (YEARS AGO!), I thought it would be so awesome to be treated that special in a restaurant.

And, to be a judge on Iron Chef... I can only dream!

Blair said...

I totally want to be a travel writer. And you forgot Scrapbook Shoppe owner!

Lindsay said...

Those all sound wonderful - except the organizing job. I would love to hire you for that as well. I would love to do the food tasting but no writing about the experience. :) The stationary shop sounds like a dream.

Kara (Turskey) Vaught said...

You, Lori and I could do some serious business as organizers. Although, I think I'm weakening - the amount of cleaning I have to do in order to keep up with Alan and our puppies' messes is overwhelming!!!