Monday, November 06, 2006

A Room with a View

My office is on the 17th floor with a direct view of downtown Dallas. On really clear days, I can make out Ft. Worth. When a storm comes through, I can see it approaching as everything in the distance disappears in the clouds - it's really cool to watch. And when there's a really strong storm, the windows shake visibly and audibly as the building moves - could be scary, but I love watching it rain from up here. When it's foggy like today, it's really eerie to know that the equally tall building right across the street is there even though I can't see it. I've seen building fires from up here and one of my coworkers has binoculars to spy on such happenings. One time we saw what turned out to be a bank hold-up unfold from her window - helicopters and what seemed like the entire Dallas Police force descended on the bank. Right now, on the outside of my window, there are 4 bugs. How crazy is it that these bugs are all the way up here? Their wings are so tiny, but obviously they can still fly high!

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