Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Family Cookbook

This year, I put together a family cookbook using recipes submitted from both mine and Casey's families. For a long time we had discussed how many memories we had of the food our families prepared at holidays or the soup our moms made us when we were sick, etc. I thought it would be such a shame to not have those treasured recipes recorded so that we could use them and also pass on our traditions on to future generations. So, this August, I set out on a mission to publish our family cookbook. I used an online publisher called Heritage Cookbook. I just found it through Google, but apparently Oprah has endorsed it on her show as well. If you're interested in a similar project for your family, you should go check it out. I researched several different companies but settled on this one because of the pricing and options. They only require that you print a minimum of 4 books, whereas others minimums were at least 50 or more. You can include personal pages, pictures, quotes, stories, etc. Ours turned out great and I gave them as Christmas gifts this year. I'm glad I finally did this instead of just thinking about it.


Melanie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL!! Hope you had a good one! Funny how the word verification thing at the bottom is very seldom an actual word.

Heather said...

That is such a great idea...my grandmother did that for our family a few years ago and I have absolutely loved it!! It is so much fun to have all of the recipes that you remember from special holidays, etc.

Is today your birthday?
Happy Birthday!!