Monday, January 08, 2007


My alma mater, ACU, is located in the small west Texas town of Abilene. To look at Abilene on a map or even pass it on the highway, you'd think that nothing much is going on there...and you'd be right. But that's why I liked living there for 4 years. It was my home while I was in college and will always be nostalgic for me for that reason. When I moved there my freshman year, I was so sure I was going to hate the small town, but there are so many things I grew to love about it:

No traffic and the fact that you can drive across the entire town in 15 minutes!, the best BBQ at Joe Allen's, Harold's and Betty Rose's

Cajun Cones - about a million different combinations of snowcones - sour grape being my favorite!

Watching movies, especially old ones, at the Paramount

The double feature for $5 at the drive-in theater

The Chocolate Bomb at Abilene Coffee Company


Unknown said...

Not many people know that I lived in Abilene from 3rd grade until 8th grade. So, although ACU is not my alma mater, Taylor Elementary is! Back then I loved Mr. G's burgers (it's not there anymore.) I took swimming lessons at Moody Coliseum, went to Hillcrest chruch of Christ, and lived in Canterbury Trails...what a play on words, huh?

Lindsay said...

While I did not go to ACU, Oklahoma State has a very similar town and atmosphere. Thanks for taking me back to memory lane as well. There is so much I miss about Stillwater. I need to go visit there again.

Stephanie said...

I have dreams all of the time that I am back in college or living in Nacogdoches, home of my alma mater. I also thought that I would not like living in a small town, but I wound up loving it. I need to plan a trip to visit good ole SFA and Nac again.