Friday, February 23, 2007

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It's good that someone thought to invent tagless shirts. What took them so long? I've been ripping tags out of my shirts for years! This is one giant step forward for comfortable clothes.

It's bad that my neighbor parks her white Toyota Camry in front on our mailbox every day so that I have to perform a yoga pose just to get my mail. I fantasize about that Mentos commercial where the woman's car was parallel parked too close to the cars in front and behind her so she had 4 construction workers pick it up by the bumper and move it for her. Oh that I wish I they could move the white Camry so that it is parked in front of it's owner's house.

The ugly part is another antic by a neighbor - the one across the street. She called the police out the day our washer and dryer were being delivered to our house (we hadn't even moved in yet) because the driver of the delivery truck parked in front of her house. The cop told her that they were in fact allowed to park there - and by the way, they only stayed about 45 minutes total.


Unknown said...

this isn't the point, I know, but have you ever seen the movie called The Good the Bad and the Ugly? It's good...and looooong, but good.

gayle said...

It annoys me to no end that instead of having the guts and the decency to come to your house and let you and/or the delivery driver know they were in the way, she took the cowardly way out and tried to have someone else (the police) do it for her.

Confrontation scares a lot of people to death. Thank goodness I am not one of those! There are nice ways, mean ways, and just plain ridiculous ways to get the same thing done... Sheesh!

LoriLoo310 said...

My parents have the same problem with a neighbor parking a WHITE CAMRY infront of their mailbox. The mailman actually refused to deliver their mail for a couple of days in the winter because he didn't have access to it from the snow buildup. To this day, they refuse to move the car. RUDE!

susanfair said...


You might leave a note on the car that says something like this:

I am your next door neighbor and I'm trying to be a good neighbor and not hurt your feelings or anything like that, but would it be possible for you to park you car down a bit from our mail box. It has been very difficult to retrieve out mail with your car parked so close to our box. Thanks for understanding.

Your next door neighbor.

There are no "fighting" words in this note, so I don't know how they could be upset with you. If you decided to leave a note, let me know if it works!