Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Home for the Homeless

Right now we have a pea-sized black spider living in our mailbox. I see it every day when I reach my hand in to retrieve our mail (yikes!). I sort of have an understanding with it that it will not crawl on me when I stick my hand inside it's home and I will not dislodge it or it's web from my mailbox. We share the space at this point. I do appreciate that it has erradicated our ant problem. Last summer, we had a colony of ants that took up residence in our mailbox. I must not have had an understanding with them because they would crawl on me and end up in between my letters and junk mail and fall out when I was sorting through it in the house. So, I poisoned them. But the spider, who eats ants, also keeps them away. It's funny what creatures will decide that a little metal box should be their home. My parents had (or may still have) a little (about 2 inches long) lizard in their mailbox. It seemed to be scared everytime someone opened the door and it would scurry away into a small crack. Put a box outside and something is bound to make it their home.


susanfair said...

Our lizard friend is still in our mail box, believe it or not, after about 10 years at least!

Unknown said...

We have a lizard that lives on the wall of our living room. He only comes out at night. TJ named him Wally.