Monday, April 02, 2007

Burned, Cut and Bludgeoned

This trifecta of injuries happened to me on Saturday. All self-inflicted. All accidental. The morning started off with me burning my thigh on a baking sheet I had just taken out of the oven to bake biscuits for breakfast. I was leaning over the countertop to get inside one of our upper cabinets and my leg grazed the just-out-of-the-oven sheet sitting on the countertop. Now I have a three-inch brand on my leg.

Next, I was planting some containers on our patio and trying to pry open the bag of potting soil while holding a hand trowel in my right hand. When the bag finally released the tension by opening, the edge side of the trowel slammed right into my face and luckily, did not leave a lasting mark. There was a slight line on my eyebrow and forehead but it has since disappeared.

Then, in my shower later that day, I cut myself shaving. It's been ages since I've done this and I was just in a hurry - which is when most cuts occur - and I literally sliced all the skin off of the ball of my ankle. Really. All of the skin. It's gross even today.

How could all of these things happen in one day? Only two left a mark, but I think I've had my quota of accidents for a while.

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Unknown said...

you poor thing! you should have requested prayers last night that you would stop injuring yourself. each of those sounds really terrible. that ankle thing will take a long time to heal...when i cut myself like that it leaves a scar for a long time.