Thursday, May 31, 2007

Our 4th Anniversary!

We started dating on October 14, 1999

We were engaged on Friday, May 24, 2002

We were married on Saturday, May 31, 2003

When I look back on the almost 8 years that I've known Casey (and we've been together pretty much since we met) - I think of when we first started dating - I watched him play intramural football, we talked for hours on a bench on campus one afternoon, then we talked for hours in Casey's '67 Mustang at Sonic, where his friends harassed us and we never actually ordered anything. I think of our first official date when we went to Olive Garden and our watiress called us both "baby" - that was the first and only night I was late for curfew - oops! I remember the special date that we went on to the waterfall just outside of Abilene where we had our first kiss.

Then I fast-forward through several years of dating and getting to know each other to the day we got engaged and how surprised I was because even though I was expecting a proposal, I was not expecting it that day. He took me on a picnic that day to a park and pulled the ring out of our picnic basket (which I still have and use). We went to a fancy restaurant that evening - he did it just the way I would have planned it myself because he knows me so well.

Then our wedding day came and I was so calm and so ready to be married. The only thing that got me a little nervous was being the center of attention, which is sort of unavoidable for a bride on her wedding day. I remember seeing him up at the altar as I was walking down the aisle. Everyone says that you will remember that minute in your life and I sure do. Oh, and our wedding cake was the definitive best white cake ever - and I don't even really like white cake. Really - it was so good. There was none of that jelly nonsense in it either.

Before we got married I think we were both just looking forward to being married and living together and starting our life together. Well, real life didn't disappoint. Marriage was (and is) just as great (and even better) than I'd imagined. I love it. We fell into life together with ease and have enjoyed each moment we've had together. If I had to choose my groom all over again, I'd choose Casey every single time. He's the sweetest, most loving, genuine, kind, funny and dependable husband I could ask for and I love him so much!


Melanie said...

Happy Anniversary! I was there 4 years ago today, boy was I tired too! I had just gotten home from a three week course in Mexico the day before and drove up to Dallas the morning of your wedding. I also remember when the two of you first started dating, and the days you were wearing turtlenecks when it was 90 degrees outside! :) Those were good times at ACU, will love you both forever!

Stephanie said...

Happy Anniversary! Those are great pictures!

LoriLoo310 said...

What a sweet post, happy anniversary! Marriage to the right person can be so fulfilling. You and Casey have always been one of the cutest couples I've ever known.

Lynn Leaming said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Casey!
You do such a great job in your posting of pictures. Everyone of them you two look so happy. There is nothing better than having a great marriage. I am thankful that you can truly celebrate yours and pray you will for many years to come.

Unknown said...

happy anniversary!

Unknown said...

The 14th is a good day! Tim and I also started dating on September 14, 2001 and we were married on August 14, 2004.

Happy Anniversary!

Emily Cade said...

Oh my gosh! Happy Anniversary! Has it been that long? Since 1999? Wow, I totally remember when you guys started dating! Eight years ago? wow. You guys are so cute and haven't changed a bit!

Kristen said...

Hey, you probably don't know me, but we have blog friends in common. Our husbands lived together at ACU for a little while and they were in club together!!!
I saw your blog through a friend's blog and noticed that we were married on that same day...May 31, 2003. So funny! I guess you and I graduated together at ACU, but never crossed paths.
Casey and Casey used to be friends and I thought is neat that I ran across your blog. Sorry this is random, I usually don't post random comments like this. :)
Hope you had a great anniversary!
Casey and Kristen Cooper

Heather said...

Hope you had a great Anniversary!!!