Friday, May 18, 2007


1. I don't watch or even like American Idol. I haven't seen even one episode and I probably never will. It just doesn't seem interesting to me. Other shows I have never seen nor care to: Lost, Grey's Anatomy (it's true), The Sopranos, and Dancing with the Stars.

2. I do not like the voices of James Blount or Shakira at all. Don't like that song, "You're Beautiful" either.

3. Sometimes I get annoyed by having to take a shower. Yes, it's true. But not because I don't want to be clean but because I feel like it is a chore sometimes. I just don't want to take the time - especially the stuff after most showers that I have to do: put lotion on, dry my hair, put on makeup, etc.

4. When I was in grade school as a kid, I ate lunch in the cafeteria. The lunch ladies would always say, "no trays touching." So, as an obedient little student I would lift my tray so that it was hovering about 3 inches off the bars that you're supposed to slide the trays on. I thought they meant that the trays couldn't touch the bars. I completely missed the message that my tray wasn't supposed to touch the tray of the person in front of me in line. Hard to admit this.

5. I don't like washing my hands. Of course I actually do it, but I don't like the whole process. Here's specifically what I don't like about it: getting my hands wet, having to dry them off with paper-like napkins or worse: the hand-dryer, having water linger under my rings, the dryness of my skin after using hand soap (regardless of how soft it's supposed to leave your skin), having to take off my rings to put hand lotion on because of the dryness, having to repeat this process several times a day. I could never be in healthcare professions.

6. Related to #5 - I am not a germophobe at all. I don't like getting sick or anything like that so I generally try to avoid germs if I can, but I really am not concerned on a daily basis about germs and being dirty. I'm not afraid to touch things, or eat things that I accidentally drop. Nor am I acutely aware of all the places that I can pick up germs. I just don't think about it and generally don't care. My mom was the same way so maybe she passed this non-worrying thing down to me. She always kept us clean and healthy (as much as you can with kids). But I figure, you're going to come in contact with germs anyway - why worry about them so much? Just wash your hands from time to time and forget about it!

7. I don't like talking on the phone that much. I do it, but I really don't like it.

8. I talk to myself all the time.

9. I don't like cereal.

10. I don't like snow skiing. I've been skiing a grand total of 3 times and hated every minute of it. Casey insists that if he were to teach me to ski (after I've been taught by at least 3 different people) then I would like it. Nope - not going to happen. I don't like it for many reasons - not the least of which is the fact that I hate being cold. Oh, and flying down a mountain-side at breakneck speed. No thanks. I do like roller coasters and other thrilling things, but not skiing - not for me.


Blair said...

Hehehe, number 10 brings back some distinct memories of a tragic day in Winter Park Colorado . . . I think we were both scarred for life!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking to myself, as I read about your dislike of handwashing, that it's a good thing you are not a nurse or other healthcare person, and then you said just that! I must was my hands dozens of times a day, leaving them dry, and no time to moisturize!
Then I was laughing about the germ thing because despite my being said healthcare professional, and practicing good handwashing technique, I don't worry very much about germs either!!
What's funny though is that this is one of the quirksome things about the people at our church here. (It drives us crazy in fact...) They all obsess over not spreading germs! If they have the slightest cold or cough they stay home from church because they don't want other people to get it. If they do come then they refuse to hug you or shake your hand! I'm not saying I want to be coughed on, or that I want to drink after them, but truly if they only new the number of "Resistant" strains of bacteria they carry around on their skin all the time!
Good Grief!

Amberly said...

Rachel, I'm with you on #1! I've seen an episode here & there, but I definitely don't understand the "addiction" to these shows that so many people seem to have. Now, Scrubs is a whole different story... :)

And, #6! I've never obsessed over germs either. My mom is the total opposite! She's a complete germaphobe & I think is sometimes grossed out by what I will allow my kids to do/get away with. For instance, it doesn't bother me one bit if they eat a piece of food dropped on the floor. (I guess it also depends on the food... and the floor.) I don't mind if they run around in the yard without shoes on. None of this bothers me at all. I just don't have the time or patience to be that concerned & controlling.

And, I completely agree with #10 also. I've gone 3 times also & that is enough for me!

Lynn Leaming said...

Just lately I have also come to dread showers and all the stuff you have to do afterwards. Especially blow drying my hair. It just seems to take forever! Maybe I should get a buzz and then it would be easier. LOL

Unknown said...

OK, I also get annoyed about taking a shower. A lot of times I just don't feel like getting wet or taking the time to take one. I wish we lived in Europe, where people bathed a lot less often. It may be a little smellier, but that is a price I think I am willing to pay. As it is, I usually only shower every other day (especially in the winter). And that probably makes me sound terribly disgusting. I know of some people that shower twice a day! Crazy!

Stephanie said...

1. I totally agree! I have never watched any of these shows either. I just don't get the hype. I also have a thing about not wanting to do something or watch something, etc. if it is extremely popular with the majority of people. I tend to want to steer clear of it. The only show I watch all week is the Office. Now that is greatness.

2. I totally agree with this too. Everytime I hear that song, I make fun of it. Just ask Chris. :)

Lindsay said...

Ok - I am going to have to come to the defense of American Idol here - I love the show but hate the name. You can't diss the show until you watch a whole season. I used to have the same attitude everyone above just mentioned but after watching it through it is so much fun. You are watching artists make a name for themselves and you find a favorite and want to see them through. It is fun. It is okay to not be interested but don't diss it until you watch it. :)

I don't worry about germs either - everyone who does actually gets sick more often. Life is full of germs - embrace them - to a certain extent of course. :)

Oh and the shower thing - I totally agree. I get precious few hours to myself and I don't want to spend it showering and blow drying my hair. The nice thing about being at home a few days a week is that I can get away with air drying. :)

I agree with you on everything but American Idol. I am not a big crowd follower either as I do not watch Lost or Greys - but American Idol is a lot of fun to watch with friends - it gives peoples something to talk about - give it a try sometime. I dare all of you. :)

Unknown said...

Hmmm... How do you come up with such interesting lists?! I love reading all of this stuff. You're weird. But isn't it weird that so many people are weird in the same way?!