Monday, July 09, 2007

A Blustery Day

I like wind about 97% of the time - especially when that wind is more like a cooling breeze on a hot day - but the 3% of the time that I don't like wind is comprised of:

1% - when the wind makes my skirt blow up in my face right when I walk outside my office building for all the world to see.

1% - when the wind makes my hair blow wildly around my head and straight into my mouth. It does not taste good.

1% - when the wind makes my hair blow wildly around my head and straight into my eyes so that my entire vision is obstructed.

Considering my reasons above, I think men have far less trouble with wind. But I'm still going to wear skirts and I'm not going to chop all my hair off, so I'll just have to continue to deal with these nuisances, I guess.


Stephanie said...

I have the same problems with wind. Sometimes when my hair is blowing like crazy and driving me nuts, I look around and all the other women around me aren't having the same problem. I think my hair is wind friendly or something. But at least it doesn't tick me off like it ticks Chris off! :)

Dara said...

My biggest problem with wind is in the winter time when it cuts right through me and chills me to the bone... like when I am sitting in the bleachers at an evening football game. Brrrrr!!!! Without the wind, the weather is usually cool to cold but comfortable until that wind kicks in!!! Yuck!!!! It's especially annoying with a tiny one. Wind will just take the breath away from a little baby! So sad!

gayle said...

so, may we assume that all of the reasons cited above happened today? :)

Lindsay said...

Kimberlyn adores wind. If you want to get her out of bad mood just put her in the car and roll down the windows. She thinks it is hilarious. Of course hair and skirt problems are a long way off for this little one. :)

Brooke said...

And how did we survive Abilene? I guess my hair was shorter or I was wearing a ballcap.