Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Two Letters

Dear Half-Price Books,

I spent a very happy hour yesterday at your NW Hwy location after work before heading over to my book club meeting. I found 8 books and so enjoyed perusing your shelves for things I want to read. Your selection was vast and your prices were wonderful, as always. I have only one complaint - stop using whatever kind of price tag you use to mark your books because it left loads of sticky stuff on every single one of my books. Although they are used, I always take the time to select the best copies (because I'm sort of crazy about how books look and feel) - only to get home, remove the price tag, and be left with a gooey mess. Please try to find another way to mark your books or at least use a less-sticky sticker.

Dear Makers of Goo Gone,

I love you. Thanks for your wonderful product. It makes everything better.


Carissa said...

I HATE that!! I'm not sure if it would have worked on your books, but at Office Depot, when someone would return a technology item with a return sticker on it, we used a hairdryer to heat up the sticker and it came right off and left no residue.

Unknown said...

the cake place where i buy my pan puts the most terrible price tag right on the inside of their pans wher the batter goes. i can NEVER get the stickiness completely off! drives me crazy, so I better check out goo gone. never even heard of it before.

Kristi said...

I am not sure we have ever officially met, though we have probably passed each other in the halls of RE, but I love reading your blog! You are sooo funny, I always leave with a giggle and a smile :)