Thursday, August 30, 2007

Captain You-Planet

This morning, on my way to work, I'm in the homestretch - less than 2 miles to my office building - when frustration ensues. A person at the front of the left lane (but not the turning lane) at the light has their left blinker on. They want to turn left. From the left lane that is supposed to go straight. So they are sitting in the left lane blocking traffic. There is a loooong line of cars behind this person - one of which is me. As I sit through an entire green light and watch it turn yellow and then red, I really begin to worry about this person's problem-solving skills. Is this the only solution they see to their current situation? Do they not realize that they could go straight and make a u-turn? That never occurs to them?

I sat there imagining myself getting out of my car (we're not going anywhere anyway) and walking up to their window, knocking on it and asking them if they notice all the cars piled up behind them or if they really do think the planet revolves around them - you never know. Of course, in reality, I never even honked. All in all, this probably only delayed me about 4 minutes, but I think I just needed to vent. Thanks.

(Note: see Brian Regan DVD for "captain you-planet" reference - although I'm sure you can figure it out.)


Unknown said...

I absolutely hate it when people do this. When I am driving, if I am about to miss a turn or something, I just keep going and turn back later. I don't make every other person wait so that I can get into the proper lane, etc. (not to mention, it is a serious hazard!) Why do people do this? It's one of the dumbest things and you are right- it certainly sends the message that they think the world revolves around them.

Amberly said...

HA! You need to come drive over here! You can take a left from pretty much any lane you want! All you do is lay on the horn to let everyone know you are coming over. No biggie! :) Also, honking the horn here is about as common as breathing. So, honk away & claim ignorance!

LoriLoo310 said...

The "drive-home-from-work" drive is the worst possible time to encouter idiots on the road and/or a traffic jam. All you want to do is get home in a timely manner, yet it's usually the stupidity of one person who makes the drive an excruciating five minutes longer. I feel your pain Rachel. We have some of the worst drivers in the world here in Utah ... no really, I've been to a lot of places in the world and this has to be one of the worst.