Thursday, August 02, 2007


I'm feeling scattered right now. Today has been better, but I have had an odd sort of amnesia about certain details of life. I guess a two-week vacation will do that to you. For instance, I'm puzzled about the fact that it's Thursday already. It's great that it is, actually. Short work weeks are good. Since I'm scattered, all I have to offer are some random thoughts:

On my way to work on Tuesday (the day after returning home), I was thinking that I should not be allowed to drive myself. A combination of jet lag and cold medicine (I conveniently contracted a cold the day we left) caused a disconcerting kind of detachment from reality, which is essential when driving.

I cannot stand to hear Dale Hansen's voice. Especially on the radio. It's not that I dislike him necessarily, it just drives me absolutely nuts that he can't complete a sentence without repeating at least half the words in it.

As excited as I am (and I cannot emphasize this point enough) to be reading the final installment of Harry Potter, there are no words to describe how sad I am that the series will be over. Complete. No more books. What am I going to do?


Unknown said...

this is so funny that you are only now reaching the oh-no, it's the end of harry potter and i am so sad phase. We all hit that a couple weeks ago, and are hopefully beginning to get over it now...but we understand your sorrow!

Unknown said...

It's not actually the first time I've thought about it, just the first time I've written about it! I've been dreading it and looking forward to it since the last book came out - maybe since the first book!

Stephanie said...

I ordered my book off of Amazon two weeks ago. It was supposed to be here last week and is still not here yet. I am going crazy. I have emailed their customer support but haven't heard anything back from them. I am going to see if I can find a phone number for them in a little bit so I can call them and see what the deal is. I almost bought a book at the store last night because I am dying to read it!

Unknown said...

man- that is crazy steph- there must be some mix-up. I hope you get it sorted out. Want to borrow mine and start reading? You can have it Sat.