Friday, August 31, 2007

Summer Yard Work

My summer yard work almost never includes raking leaves. Raking leaves. As you can see, our tree is either sick or dead. I'm no botanist, but I can tell you that something is not right with a tree that loses its leaves in Texas. So I raked leaves this morning, among other things. And I learned some things in the process (or at least was reminded of them):

1. Living things lurk inside piles of dead leaves. Things like crickets, spiders and similar creatures. Proceed with caution when bagging dead leaves. And wear gloves.

2. A huge amount of lawn debris can fit into one of those 30-gallon stretchable black trash bags. Just keep stuffing it in and watching it stretch. It's amazing really.

3. Don't look up at all the leaves that remain on the tree while you are raking leaves. It will remind you that you'll have to do this all over again next week and that realization is unnecessary at the time.


Emily Cade said...

You raked leaves this morning? As in, before going to work??? Wow, that is amazing!

Unknown said...

No way! I got the day off because of the holiday weekend. I'm not even close to being that industrious!

Lynn Leaming said...

Don't know why but our backyard neighbors tree did this as well. Unfortunately that means that we now how bunches of leaves in our pool!!!

Melanie said...

i love that you use words like industrious talking about a theoretical morning :)