Friday, October 26, 2007

Chores and Errands

What's the most annoying thing about chores and errands besides the fact that you actually have to do them sometimes? For me, it's the fact that most of them are reoccuring. Once you get it done, the countdown begins until you have to do it again. Getting gas, buying groceries, folding laundry, washing dishes, mowing the lawn...the list goes on and on. Even random household fixes keep getting added to my list. Once we fixed the sink in the bathroom, the light switch in the laundry room started acting funny. And now that the garbage disposal is working properly, the shower needs some caulk touch-up. No wonder we like vacations. So we can escape that hamster-in-a-wheel feeling...even just for a little while.


LoriLoo310 said...

Chores and errands seem to get ten times worse when a baby is added into the mix. I hate that I spend almost my entire weekend doing laundry and cleaning instead of doing fun things with Brandon and Nathan. Where are the chore elves when you need them?

Stephanie said...

Amen to that!