Monday, February 25, 2008

Paint Party

Casey's dad came over this weekend to help him paint Ethan's nursery. I was excused from the task, for which I was appreciative. Instead of rolling paint, I ran errands and did other necessary tasks. Casey and his dad used a spray applicator for the paint. Very efficient. Also, potentially very messy. On Friday, we completely covered everything in the room that wasn't supposed to be painted the wall color. It's more than you would think.

The sprayer is the culprit behind Casey's dad's dazed look in the photo. His eyelashes are covered because he couldn't see well through his goggles so he just didn't wear them. And I think the lingering paint fumes from spraying in a closed room might have something to do with it as well. The nursery furniture was delivered this weekend as well, so it's starting to look like a nursery.
There are two reasons why I am glad this room is taking shape:

1. It is the second-to-last room in our house to be furnished and decorated. We have purposely left it empty (ok, not really's been more of a storage room) until we were blessed with a child. And my personality, which thrives on having tasks completed just does not do well with an unfinished room no matter the reason.

2. It's exciting to see the nursery take shape because it adds to the reality that we will be having a baby in the near future. Maybe this reality is terrifying too, but it is definitely exciting.

I'll have to post pictures of the actual room later. I still haven't taken any.


Lynn Leaming said...

Can't wait to see the pictures :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! The picture of your Dad in Law covered in paint is a keeper!

If you haven't decided on a theme, I would love for you to drop by my site.

Some visitors have sent in some pictures of their nursery bedding and decorations to my site that are so cool if you have time, take a look!

The lastest was a nursery wall mural with giant mom and baby giraffes that was so cute!

I look forward to seeing pictures of your nursery when you finish!

Anonymous said...

Man, who is that good looking guy standing next to the paint covered dude? :)