Monday, March 03, 2008

Attacking Stains

Everyone probably already knows about these little tricks to get certain kinds of stains out of things, but if you don't, you need to know about them:

1. Hairspray will get out permanent marker as well as other types of ink from fabrics. I unforunately tested and proved this to be true in college when I inexplicably got home with a huge Sharpie marker stain on my jeans. The hairspray got it right out.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide (undiluted) will get out blood stains from fabrics. It works best when you catch the stain right away and soak it in the hydrogen peroxide, but it will also do a pretty decent job on dried blood too - you just have to let it soak longer.

3. Oops! Stain Remover will get out latex paint (even dried) from carpet, other fabrics or hard painted surfaces such as trim. We had to use this the other day after painting the nursery, but it really worked. It should be available at hardware and/or paint supply stores.

4. Goo Gone will remove any sticky residue from hard surfaces. It may work on fabrics or upholstery too but I've never had to use it there before. I especially like the spray gel kind. I could not live without Goo Gone.

5. Ice will help remove wax from fabrics. It makes the wax cold (obviously) and hard, which makes it easy to scrape off of the fabric.

So, what works for you that I haven't listed here?


LoriLoo310 said...

I use an iron and old cloth to remove wax from fabrics, carpet, etc. Place the cloth over the wax and iron over the cloth. The wax will absorb into the cloth from the heat of the iron.

mindy said...

A couple years ago I went out to check the mail only to find that someone spray painted my car...yes spray paint...bright yellow...I called the police station and they recommended Oops! and it worked like a charm! So, I highly recommend it as well!

Anonymous said...

Incredible Stain Remover ( red-white-blue bottle) will get silly putty out of carpet- even afer several years of being embedded... I think Goo Gone works too

Do you think OOPS would get pink fingernail polish out of carpet?

Lysol also works like hairspray (on ink NOT hair...)

Maybe we should do a "tips" article for AWARE.

Melanie said...

WD-40 also works to get rid of sticky, example gum off the bottom of an ice chest then in turn off the carpet in the back of my car!

Blair said...

Any advice on chocolate? I am really not sure what logic was used to determine that pastry chef uniforms should be solid white...