Thursday, March 27, 2008

Organizational Therapy

I spotted a billboard the other day on my way to work that says: "The Container Store: Better than a day at the spa." So, fellow organizing junkies, is this true for you? If you are not an organizing junkie, (which means that you don't get giddy about organization and don't break out in hives when surrounded by clutter), then I will probably go ahead and say that you're picking the spa! For me...I can see the theraputic benefits of both! Either way, it must be an effective campaign for their target audience because, myseriously, I found myself at The Container Store just yesterday. Hmmmm. (Actually, it's a mere coincidence because I've needed to stop in for something specific for a while now.)


Brooke said...

I saw this yesterday and I thought, "Are you kidding me?! No it's not!"

Kristi said...

Absolutely!!! It does not get much better than a day spent with containers :)

Lindsay said...

I love both - Organization is just really hard to do with kids - or at least for me that is. I know many can - but I do what I can to stay sane. :)