Thursday, March 13, 2008

Security Sometimes Stinks

Today I had an issue with one of our accounts. I visited the company website to look for a way to contact them about it....either by email or phone. On this partiuclar website, navigating the customer service section was a nightmare. In order to email them, they want me to fill out a form. Then, they want me to select a particular subject that my question falls under but inevitably there is no category listed for my question. Ugh.

So, at this point, I look for a phone number just to make things easier. I got all the way into the call with the customer service representative after giving several proprietary account security answers and details only to be asked my name, which I gave them. Then I was told that they couldn't talk to me. The representative asked if he could talk to the account holder. Well, sure...that would be me. But apparently, Casey is the account holder and they wouldn't talk to me.

Perhaps I should appreciate this security firewall of sorts. I'm sure it's there for my protection. But really, it just makes me mad. We have joint everything for crying out loud...just answer my question! Next time, when I call in to this particular company, I am officially masquerading as Casey. They'll never know. Or I can call and have him authorize them to speak to me. Good grief! This is why most of our accounts are in my name if not both of ours - because I'm usually the one calling anyway.

Now that I've calmed down, I went back and sent them an email (under a random and unrelated category, by the way) about my question. And they'll actually be responding to me because it's my email address on the account. Ha! I've beaten them at their own game...and don't I feel good about it!


Anonymous said...

How are u going to pretend to be Casey??? They will know you aren' t a guy calling in (since that is so obviously a guy's name). :)

Amberly said...

Rachel, I completely feel your pain! We have had this same issue several times in the past, but it is so much worse when you are living overseas. Sam can easily call the states from his office phone, so that's usually what he does. However, this last fiasco that we were trying to resolve ended up being a huge pain because my name was on the account & they wouldn't talk to him at all. He tried to explain that I could not call because we didn't have our overseas phone set up yet, blah, blah, blah. They weren't budging. Because of this reason, I always ask him to include my name on the account when setting it up. Drives me crazy!!