Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I couldn't think of anything fun to pull for April Fool's day this year. Not that I usually do. But I always want to. Everything I think of is either too mean or too lame. One of my co-workers had some success at a previous job with a copier-related prank. A sign was placed on the office copier that said, "Attention employees: the copier has been upgraded and is now voice-activated. Please speak all commands slowly and clearly." And what do you know, people actually fell for it. The only way that prank works out for the prankster is if you can find a place to hide and watch people speaking (and then yelling out of frustration) at the copier. This would never have worked in my office...we're waaay to smart for that.

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gayle said...

That actually is a pretty good one. I'll have to remember that for next year and maybe put a different spin on it, so it has a chance of at least one success on April Fool's!