Friday, May 09, 2008

Back When I Was a Kid...

When I got my first job at age 17 in high school (1998), minimum wage was $5.15. The average gas price per gallon was around $0.90.

Now, gas prices are hovering around $3.50-ish and guess what the federal minimum wage is? $5.85.

Does this seem out-of-whack to you?

All I can say is that I would not be going many places as a high school student if I had to pay for my own gas now and only made minimum wage at my job. There is a silver lining, however; minimum wage is apparently set to increase to $6.55 in July 2008 and to $7.25 in July 2009. It's about time...but it still doesn't seem quite proportionate does it?

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Unknown said...

I have thought for a long time now that minimum wage has not progressed as it should given inflation. I can't believe how little it has been raised in the past 15 years.