Monday, June 16, 2008

First Father's Day

Yesterday was Casey's first Father's Day and Ethan's first time to go to church. Ethan didn't forget about his daddy. He got him a ball so that when he's old enough, they can play with it together. We celebrated the day with my dad too and had blue cheese burgers courtesy of my brother. It was a good day! Ethan already has a special bond with his daddy. Casey makes up songs just for him and knows just how he likes to be held and comforted. They love spending time together. I can't wait for Ethan to get to know his dad and two grandfathers better because they are/will be such wonderful role models for him.


Unknown said...

It was GREAT to see you Sunday.

Lindsay said...

It was great to see. Now we need to get a pic of Blake and Ethan and Ashton together and Kenna and Luke and the list goes on and on. :) What a special time to have a whole youth group in the making right there together. ;) Blake is so happy his best bud is here.