Monday, July 21, 2008

Movie Review

This is a review of going to the movies...something Casey and I have done twice since Ethan was born. Twice. And to give you a little perspective on that number, we have probably been to the movies twice in the entire year previous. It's not that we don't like movies because we do. Maybe we got tired of going since we went to the movies just about every weekend in college. Or maybe we are cheap because movies are expensive these days! Or maybe we just wanted to be at home most of the time and renting movies is good enough.

In truth, it's a combination of the above three reasons, but somehow, we've seen two movies in the theater in the last two months. And this last trip got me thinking about how people do this differently. Everyone has their own standard practices when they go to the movies.

Casey and I always get there a little early (really early if it's opening weekend) in order to get the seats that we want, which are near the top in the exact middle of the row. Then, we take turns going to the restroom before the movie starts to make sure that we're set for the whole movie. Then we make sure that our cell phones are off or at least on silent. When the movie is over, we never stay for all of the credits. You'll also notice that there was no purchasing of popcorn, candy or drinks for our movie experience. We almost never do that. Although when we're at home, we often eat while we're watching a movie.

Our pet peeves in movies are numerous: when people arrive after the movie (not just the previews) has started and want to walk in front of you to another seat. Or when people decide to wait until the movie starts to open their very loud package of candy. Or when people take a phone call during the movie or send text messages the entire time so that you have a bright cell phone screen glaring from the row in front of you. And of course, when people talk or sing (this has happened) during a movie.

One more ritual for us...when we leave we always ask each other what we thought of the movie. But I bet most people do that too.

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LoriLoo310 said...

Once during a movie, a man behind me didn't turn off his phone. It rang several times and he also answered it each time it rang ... all during the movie!