Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

We spent Friday - Monday last week in Durango, Colorado with my grandparents at their cabin. My grandma had never met Ethan and I think they both liked each other! It was quite literally a refreshing (albeit too short) trip. We escaped the extreme Texas heat last weekend and were able to break out of our work routines for a few days. Ethan (and me and Casey) enjoyed the extra 3-4 pairs of hands ready to help with him. He also did wonderfully on the flights and car trips, sleeping most of the time and only crying for a few minutes on the extra-long descent into Dallas on the way back. I so did not want to leave the mountains at all! The weather was gorgeous and it rained every day, making the already green landscape practically sparkling.

There are even more pictures of our trip on our photo website. Click on "our photos" at the top right of this page.
P.S. - I am now officially IN LOVE with the Baby Bjorn.


Heather said...

He is just too cute! I can't wait for him and Kenna to have playdates together...once they can actually enjoy them.

Emily Cade said...

So cute!

Travis & Jeri Tidmore said...

Ethan is SO cute Rachel!!


Christina said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. It seems like he likes the outdoors just as much as you do. Ashton really likes it outside - it's pretty neat!