Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Showers, Chips and Hair Loss

There really is no cohesive title to the random things I was thinking about yesterday...

I realized that I don't remember ever brushing my teeth in shower. I'm not opposed to it. It does seem efficient.

I also realized that when I use a chip clip to close a bag (not necessarily chips), I try to match the color of the clip to the bag. I don't know why.

I still have quite a few 37 cent stamps. The rate has been raised twice since then. I just don't mail hardly anything since I pay all of my bills online and almost all of them automatically.

I love to have the blinds open at home because I love the natural light coming in. But, I have noticed just how much our air conditioner runs when I leave them open too much. So, sadly, I have had to forego the natural light in the afternoon, when the heat is strongest.

It's baaaack. My hair falling out, that is. I knew it was coming. I have enjoyed not having so much of my hair falling out all of the time while pregnant but the time has come to face reality again.

You know it's hot outside when the "cold" tap water is luke-warm at best.


Lindsay said...

Yes, my hair is falling out as well. Last time my hips went with the hair but not this time - not yet. I know it is going to happen though. :)
I could not imagine trying to match the chip clip to the bag. I am just rejoicing if I find a clip! :)

Lindsay said...

Oh yes, I found out last year to be able to afford to live in TX you have to live in a cave during the month of August. I love natural light as well but alas I have to let it go for a bit.

LoriLoo310 said...

Ugh, I hated it when my hair fell out. Plus my hair was really long, so many drains were clogged (gross!).