Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Handy Snack

The boy is very into eating his hands these days. The pacifier is still a favorite at times but seems to pale in comparison to the hands. And he has a very sweet smile posture...he turns his head, shrugs his shoulders and kind of smiles at you sideways. Don't tell him, but he could pretty much get away with anything after that!


Heather said...

They can get away with anything when they smile!

mindy said...

Rachel, he is sooo cute, and so is your blog header by the way:)

Christina said...

Oh my goodness - he's just precious, and YES the smile is adorable. Don't you just love it?!

Dara said...

I love that last smile picture... absolutely adorable! So sweet!

It gets cuter... just wait until he is 2! God plans for 2 to be the peak of cuteness, because 2 is also the peak of stinkerhood! If 2 year olds weren't just so stinkin' cute, you would want to kill them! But with those little flashy smiles, and they can get away with anything!

Ethan is precious!