Tuesday, September 02, 2008


There are some words that people pronounce differently such as "caramel" (caramel or carmel). I say "caramel" every time. What's weird is that this weekend I noticed that I pronounce "route" differently depending on the situation. Situational pronunciation...it doesn't seem right. But here's how I do it:

"Route" pronounced as "root": The Route 44 from Sonic is way too large of a drink for me.

"Route" pronounced as "rowt": That's not the route I'm taking to her house.


Stephanie said...

I do the same thing! And every time I say that word a different way, I wonder to myself why I say it that way. Weird.

Lindsay said...

I think the English Language is just silly. Why do we have to have the same words mean three or four different things. Andy why are there words spelt the same way with different pronunciations. Why not just make a word for every situation - like do we really need mean, mean and mean! :) Oh yeah and spell things the way they are pronounced - lets just let f make the f sound vs ph. :)

Jacque said...

Yep,same thing for me too!

Anonymous said...

I think you would enjoy Bill Bryson's book on the English language. Have you read it? I think it's called The Mother Tongue.
Also, related to pronunciation my mother-in-law likes to harp on the differentiation between "wh" and "w," are you familiar with this difference?