Monday, October 27, 2008

Pigs Do Fly...Sometimes

The other day I opened an envelope from our car insurance company not sure what to expect since our premium isn't due yet (we pay once a year). Inside was a check made out to us for $140. I read the attached letter which said that they had miscalculated our premium this year and they owed us money. Slightly skeptical, I read and re-read the letter and carefully inspected the check. When I told Casey about it he said, "it can't must be a marketing ploy or something. Like those letters that say you've won $10,000." I assured him that I'd had the same inclination but that I'd checked it out. The check was real. So, despite the fact that I might say that pigs would fly before my insurance company would be sending me money...and admitting to their actually did happen.

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gayle said...

it is amazing when utility companies are *actually* honest.

I just got a rebate from AT&T that I was supposed to receive about 5 months ago, and even though it should have been my responsibility to follow through, they still honored it.

It makes me still believe that true customer service still exists... somewhere... out there...