Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Things My Husband Has Taught Me

I was thinking the other day about how much I've changed (for the better) since I met Casey. And while there are plenty of serious things that he's taught me like how to forgive quickly, how to better manage my anger, how to resolve conflicts more effectively, and how to slow down and enjoy things, he's also taught me some not-so-serious skills that I've really come to appreciate:

1. Computer Skills. I can't tell you how much more I know about computers since I met Casey. I learned a lot from him but admittedly, just working at an office for five years and just having to figure things out sometimes has taught me a lot too.

2. Electrical Skills. I still leave this mostly to him, but because of watching him put up ceiling fans and change outlets, etc., I was able to change out 5 of our light fixtures in the house all by myself.

3. Plumbing Skills. Again, usually I leave these jobs to Casey, but he's taught me how to install faucets and fix basic leaks, etc. and this has really come in handy for me.

4. Football Appreciation. So this is not a skill, per se, but since football is often on in our house, Casey slowly taught me to actually sit down and watch the games. It is so much more entertaining when you understand the game. Somehow, despite growing up in Texas, knowledge of the game of football had eluded me until I got married.

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LoriLoo310 said...

This is interesting. Brandon has also taught me to appreciate football, but he's not a fix-it guy. In fact, I think I've taught him more about fixing things than he has taught me.