Thursday, November 20, 2008

Favorite Things: The Blog Edition

Here are a few of my favorite blogs. You'll notice that these are not blogs that my friends write. Those are actually my most favorite blogs to read but there are so many of them! This favorites list contain my other favorite blogs that I read...either just for fun, for information, or for ideas and inspiration. Check them out if you need any of those things.

1. Pioneer Woman (and all her associated blogs). Most bloggers know PW already, but if you don't, she's a splendid writer, mother of four and wife to a cattle rancher. She has an interesting life and some seriously entertaining writing, photography skills and culinary creativity.

2. Digital Photography School. If you have a digital camera (especially a DSLR) and want to improve your photography, this is a great blog to read. Great tutorials, information and tips.

3. Simple Mom. This lady is organized. And productive. And she writes about all that stuff. I really enjoy reading about her ideas and how she manages her home. Great stuff.

4. Heather Bailey. Designer and seamstress. This blog is houses a treasure of fresh and fun crafty ideas.

5. Creative Nonsense. This blog is associated with the digital scrapbook online store, Peppermint Creative, which I love and frequent often. The blog features layout ideas, hybrid crafts and excellent tutorials.


Mary said...

You should also check out She is hilarious, and I love her "not me" Mondays where she is brutally honest about parenting. I was thinking about starting a "not me" section to mt blog too!

Ken Riches said...

Came by courtesy of Donna. Cute pics :o)