Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Stocking Story


We have a tradition in my family that Santa always brings little goodies for your stocking in addition to his other gifts. When my brother and I were growing up we probably pulled out a varitey of things but one that I distinctly remember (probably because we have it on video) is a Koosh ball. Remember those? I made a face when I was pulling it out because I couldn't see it yet and couldn't fathom what would possibly feel like that.

My mom (oops...I mean Santa!) has, at least the last 10 years or so, included a chocolate popsicle from The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in our stocking. They're usually in Christmas shapes like Rudolph or Santa. To date, we've never received coal.

The really neat thing about my childhood stocking is that my mom made it. It is one of those felt Christmas-scene stockings that come as a kit and you have to painstakingly sew together. I have pulled stuff out of it every year and even now, Santa still puts something in it. I love seeing that stocking every year. Last year, after finding out we were pregnant, my mom went on a mission to find her first grandchild a suitable felt stocking that she could make. It's all ready for him for his first Christmas. Hopefully Santa won't put any chocolate in it. I guess if he does I can just eat it.

When Casey and I got married, my mom gave us matching stockings with our names embroidered on them and now we (Santa) give things in our stockings at our house too. Since my mom has the handmade stocking for Ethan at her house, I decided to get him a different one for our house. I am so excited about continuing this tradition with Ethan this year. I think traditions and things we remember from childhood are so much a part of the fun of Christmas time.


Lindsay said...

So cute! You take the best pictures.

LoriLoo310 said...

My mom does the same thing for us too. Felt stockings with Christmas scenes and our names at the top. Our families sound very similar.