Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Last weekend we spent some time at my parents' lake house {see the Fairhaven link in my sidebar} and since it was really cold, just intended to relax. There was some reading, sitting in front of the fire, and we had planned to watch some movies {and some TV episodes on DVD}. The whole weekend ended up being one bad thing after another concerning our movie-watching plans.

First, we forgot the new Brian Regan DVD that we wanted to show my parents. Just left it at home. Oh, well. Not too bad, we can just watch it with them later, although this was a perfect time to do it.

Next, Casey and I wanted to watch a couple of episodes from the House Season One, Disc 2 DVD that we'd brought with us from Blockbuster. We've been watching House lately and wanted to catch up on all the episodes we haven't seen as re-runs on TV. At the climax of one show {near the end} the DVD just stopped. This has probably happened to you before. We knew there was a scratch or something on the DVD and sure enough...a gash. So, despite all of our trying {and wishing and hoping}, we did not see the most important part of that episode. Or the next one.

Then, we geared up all day Saturday to watch a DVD we had from Netflix {Eagle Eye} in the media room. We talked about it all day and were looking forward to it. And Casey and I had held off on watching this movie since last Thursday so we could bring it with us. It wasn't that this movie was highly acclaimed or anything...we just wanted to watch it because we've never seen it before. Well, we didn't forget this one, nor did it have a gash in it. But it was split in two. Entirely cracked all the way through. We couldn't believe it.

When we got home on Sunday night, I jumped on the Netflix website and reported "a problem" {as they call it} with our DVD. They asked if we wanted a replacement and I checked the "yes" box. We dropped the damaged DVD in the mail. The next day, I received an email that said "due to unforseen circumstances, we are no longer carrying this title." What? I didn't know that was possible. They just stopped sending/renting this particular movie entirely. No kidding.

Update: Today I can add Eagle Eye back into my queue. Maybe we'll get it and can actually watch it.

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gayle said...

I feel your pain. My DVD player is on the fritz and it will stop randomly for NO reason and never start again. Egh.