Friday, February 06, 2009

Eight Months Old





Ethan turned 8 months old on January 25. We were at the lake house and celebrated by riding around in a new Radio Flyer wagon that Pop (my dad) put together for Ethan. He loved it. In the past couple of weeks he has taken off crawling and almost simultaneously started pulling up on things. Needless to say, we're babyproofing now. Still a bundle of fun and really sweet, we love our Ethan! Here are his 8 month stats:

Weight: 19.6 pounds
Height: 27.5 inches


Lindsay said...

Very cute! Looks like you will get to turn the car seat around at 1 with those stats.

LoriLoo310 said...

He's just so adorable. He looks a lot like his mama.

Christina said...

The last picture is my absolute favorite! Just precious ;).

Mary said...

I love how they start to look more like little people at this age, and less like babies. It is like his look is growing up with his personality! He sure is an handsome guy!

Lynn Leaming said...

How cute is the one with his tongue sticking out? Such a cutie patootie!

Dara said...

Adorable!!!! Love all the fabulous pics!!! Let me know if you ever want any girl models... happen to know 2 that love posing for pics! hahaha! ;)