Thursday, February 26, 2009

Paper Boy

Ethan loves to play in the paper recycling bin we keep in our office. Every time I see him head out of the living room, I know where he's going...under the desk and right for the paper bin. He tips it over and then pulls every single piece of paper out of it, looking at each one as he goes. He also likes to wave paper in the air and rub it on the carpet. He's easily entertained apparently.






Christina said...

This is so cute! Ashton does the same thing with a keepsakes box that I have with notes and cards I like to keep. I do try to keep an eye on him, so he doesn't put any of them in his mouth, but all he's ever done is to take them all out and once that's finished and he scattered them around a bit, he's off to another thing.

Lindsay said...

Better alternative than the dog food I have to remember to put up as soon as Blake wakes up. So funny b/c Ellie and Kimber were never this interested in the dog food ( and they were interested). But Blake is obsessed. As soon as he eyes it he is cruising high speed ahead straight towards it. Barney is now learning to eat on a schedule. A Blake free schedule. :) Glad Ashton and Ethan can enjoy their little entertainment for a bit. Maybe I could try that for Blake instead. :)

Heather said...

Kenna is also a paper lover, but it goes straight to her mouth!

Mary said...

I think it must be the noise the paper makes when they crumple it. Max has an affinity towards our shredder. We keep it unplugged (for obvious reasons) but he reaches in and pulls out all the little shreds! Go figure!