Friday, March 06, 2009

Gardening Notes

This warm{er} weather has prompted me to think about my yard and landscaping like I do every year at about this time. I have to check the sprinkler system and make sure it is still working properly. I have to make sure that I'm treating for the fire ants that seem to take up residence over night in our yard. I have to pull the few rogue weeds that are cropping up {finally, we have them mostly under control...thanks to applying preemergent for several years in a row.} And I have to make sure there aren't any of our perennials that need cutting back before the season really gets rolling.

This year, I vowed I'd get control of all the gardening related information that I really need this time of year to make everything really easy. There's not that much to do, but collecting all the info on all my plants can take a while. So, I've decided to add a divider to my household notebook and call it, "Yard and Garden." This way I can keep all that information centrally located and available when I need it. So, I took things a little bit further because I have so much time to be doing these things...and I made fancy gardening notes pages for each of my plants. Really, the concept is useful, but the embellishment is just extra. Here are a couple I did. I'll print these out and put them in my notebook:



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Kristen said...

wow, I am impressed! You are soo organized. I would like to see a picture of your household notebook!!! so cool!