Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hair and Makeup

For years I've heard of moms "letting themselves go" when they have children at their heels all day. I am specifically talking about the shower - fix hair - put on makeup - and get dressed -routine. I thought I knew why that happened...either they had no time to do any or all of that or they just didn't care to. Well, I was right. Those are the reasons. Either one or both.

Frankly, I want to shower and do all the subsequent things to look presentable every day. And most days I do. Even if I'm not going out. I have taken a shower every day since Ethan was born and plan to make time to do it in the future. Even if it is at 6am. Or 4pm. It just makes me feel human. And clean.

Almost every day I fix my hair. I have come up with a shortcut way that I use a lot. But the makeup is where I fall off the wagon. I put on makeup about 50% of the time. I have no problem going to the store (even the mall...gasp!) without any makeup on. I have always felt this way. That being said, I am most comfortable when I look my best when I go out. I don't like to wear sweats (or that type of clothing) and I do prefer to have makeup on.

The issue for me is this...I only have so much time to spend on myself during the day and sometimes I don't want to spend it putting on my makeup! Really, that is so silly since it takes me less than 5 minutes from start to finish. But it's a mental thing, I guess. On 50% of my days, I would rather spend that 5 minutes in another way.

And you know what I just realized? I don't really even like the process of applying makeup. I do it because I know it makes for a polished look, but I really don't enjoy it at all. I kind of wish I did because I'll bet my makeup would look better.


Mary said...

The more children you have, the harder everything becomes...so just prepare yourself! I suggest a hair cut that looks good when it dries naturally! Blow-drying is the big time consumer for me!

Lindsay said...

I totally agree with Mary, it is so much harder the more you have. And believe me I was not great with Kimber by herself either. Part of it is b/c I am so tired and I want to sleep every last second I can get. My kids do not take naps so I do not have that time and by evening I am so blasted tired I am lucky to make it in the shower. Now I will tell you I am not the typical girl. I am fine to go without makeup - I hate taking it off more than putting it on and I am fine with just throwing my hair in a pony tail. I love sweats-- so this kind of life is really suiting me perfectly! :)

Unknown said...

I've thought about doing all this with two kids. Unfortunately for me, my hair NEVER looks good air-dried. But, I have a lot less hair than you, Mary, so I guess we come out even! And you know what, Lindsay...I hate taking makeup OFF too.

Brooke said...

Wow! You haven't missed a shower?! Very good! I like my showers in the mornings, mainly because my hair does a lot better. When Audrey wakes up at 5 am (ughh!), I don't get the chance to shower. I use her nap time to catch up on my sleep. I've just resorted to having her with me when I shower if she gets up that early. That will end soon! I, too, have to dry my hair. I would love to do a ponytail, but my ears stick out like branches on a tree. I need to cover up those suckers! Oh, and I love putting on makeup!

Anonymous said...

Hey girls,
most of you look good without makeup, el natural! That is so nice! Rachel you look great without makeup!!

gayle said...

I don't particularly enjoy doing hair or makeup, either. That's why I refuse to cut my hair, and I'm keeping it long -- I can let it dry naturally, sleep on it, and just do some quick flat iron/curling iron magic in the morning and be done.

And that is also why I put on my mascara after I get to work. I wear a few coats and I never feel like taking the time to do it before I leave. Weekends, well, that's a different story. I never go without mascara unless it's just the trip to work! At times, that's the only makeup I wear!