Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Anyone Have the Time?

I've fallen into a "bad" habit that, 5 years ago, I never would have thought I would do. I no longer wear a watch. I never would have believed that I'd be caught without one. Usually, I like to know the time too often not to wear a watch. And I'm pretty punctual. What am I saying?...I am punctual almost to a fault, if that's possible. And this not wearing a watch thing has been going on for several years now. And I don't see myself going back to my old ways. It all started about three years ago when my watch broke. Not just the battery. And I would have had to replace it, which I fully intended to do...and then never actually did. And what do you know...I got used to not wearing a watch. And liked it. And then I made do with the clocks all around me: my cell phone, computer, car, etc. The only time I've gone back to wearing a watch was when we went on our Africa trip. I bought a $10 watch in the Chicago airport because, after only one flight (of the 13 we would take during those 2 weeks), I had already gotten sick of asking, "what time is it?" I still have that watch, but I never wear it. Somehow, I've managed.


Mary said...

I think I might go crazy! Maybe I should give up a watch for lent next year! :)

Christina said...

I have been watch free as well for the past couple of years. My watch that I loved broke and I never replaced the battery. I go through cycles every few years of having one. I like not having one and it feels awkward when I do get a new watch after the long hiatus. I'm not sure, unless I find a watch I absolutely love, that I will buy another one.