Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Battling Breakfast

I eat breakfast every morning. I need to eat breakfast. This was not always the case. In fact, until I left home for college, I almost never ate breakfast and I couldn't imagine the day when I would do it on a regular basis. I rebelled against breakfast for several reasons.

1. Getting up for school was a pain enough already and making time for breakfast in my routine would have made me get up even earlier. Breakfast never had a chance up against 15 extra minutes of sleep.

2. I wasn't hungry in the morning. I think it was a combination of getting up so early and my teenage body taking hours to really get going, but I never felt hungry until around 11am.

3. I hated breakfast food. I have never liked cereal and still don't. I didn't like oatmeal, toast, or grits. I could really do without eggs, pancakes and waffles too. That left very few breakfasts for me to choose from that were quick enough to eat before school.

Somehow during my freshman year of college, I began to eat breakfast on a regular basis and I really don't remember how that transformation took place. And since then, I've come to like (even love) some breakfast foods too. I eat oatmeal a lot and I can't believe I didn't like pancakes, eggs or waffles. What was I thinking?


Lindsay said...

Love breakfast also. What I love most about it is that it is simple and I always know what I am going to make. College I rebelled a bit too, but now there is no way I am skipping breakfast.

Mary said...

Cute blog re-design! I love it!! I have got to get around to changing mine again....