Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Day In Our Life

Yesterday I carried the camera around with me all day and documented just about everything because...I want to remember these days with my little boy.

6:00am - My alarm goes off and I promptly hit snooze. The workout is not happening this morning.

6:45am - Finally, I get out of bed, jump in the shower, dry my hair and get dressed.

7:20am - Casey is up. I go get all of our breakfasts ready. Casey goes to get Ethan, who is also now awake.

7:30am - We all eat breakfast. Ethan has apple cinnamon oatmeal and a banana.

7:45am - Casey goes to take a shower while I clean up after breakfast. Ethan plays with his favorite "toys": our coasters and the TV remote. He occasionally picks up a real toy.

8:00am - Ethan and I go hang out in the bathroom while Casey finishes getting ready for work. I brush my teeth and put on my makeup. Ethan raids the cabinets and reorganizes my shoe rack.

8:30am - Casey leaves for work and Ethan waves bye-bye to him in the garage. Sometimes Ethan's wave doesn't come until after I've shut the door and turned back into the house. We go to the office so I can turn on the computer, check my email and read a few blogs. Ethan plays with the books on the shelf, the paper in the trash can and the moss in the potted plant.

9:00am - I take Ethan to his bedroom for his morning nap. He cuddles his blanket and lays down. Now I am free to eat bon bons. And by that I yard work.

9:15am - I am suited up for working outside and begin pulling grass/stray weeds out of our flower beds and bagging it all up. I chat with our neighbors who are also outside {it's a beautiful morning} working in their yard.

10:30am - I'm done with the yard work and have put everything away. I'm just about to sit down to check my email again when I hear the boy squealing. He's woken up happy, as always. I go get him and change him out of his pjs.

10:45am - I give Ethan his cup of water and I chase him around the house. He loves to be chased. He looks back at you and laughs and then takes off crawling again. I also briefly run around the house by myself, putting a few things away and generally tidying everything.

11:00am - We go outside to check the mail. Ethan points all around at various things. It's still beautiful outside and I think to myself that we'll have to get out and enjoy it at some point today. Yard work doesn't count and Ethan wasn't with me then anyway. Casey calls and needs me to email something to him at work so we go back to the office and I sit at the computer for a few minutes. Ethan plays with his piggy bank on the floor.

11:30am - I head to the kitchen to start getting Ethan's lunch ready. He plays on the floor in the kichen while I do this. He unrolls the paper towels, takes out all the ziploc baggies and then gets upset when one bag sticks to his leg.

11:45am - Ethan sits down to eat his lunch while I get mine ready. He has leftover grilled chicken from last night, string cheese and mandarin orange slices. I have a sandwich.

12:15pm - We're done with lunch and I clean up everything. Ethan plays with his toys in the living room. Then we head to his room to read some books. Ethan also takes out his block letters from one of the baskets in his room and tries to get it to balance on the ottoman. He actually succeeds and I am impressed.

12:30pm - I let Ethan continue to play in his room while I gather up all the laundry in the house, sort it all, and then start a load.

1:00pm - Ethan shows signs of being tired again so we clean up the mess he's made in his room and then turn the lights out again for his afternoon nap. He snuggles his blanket again and lays down in the crib.

1:05pm - Now I am free to paint my toe nails. Ah, shoot. The laundry. Never mind...toe nails, you will have to wait. I put on another load of laundry and move the previous one to the dryer. I hear that Ethan is still awake.

1:15pm - Sometimes I wait to eat lunch until this point in the day, but today {since I ate with Ethan} I head back into the office to get a little bit of work done for my very part time job. I also put together a short slide show for Ethan's birthday party on Saturday.

1:30pm - I go check on Ethan and confirm that he is, in fact, now asleep. I go back to the office to keep working.

2:45pm - I fold and put the laundry away and wipe down the coffee table, which was sticky for some reason.

3:00pm - Ethan is awake now. I put him in his high chair and give him a snack: cheerios and pears. He pays moderate attention to the food, but guzzles down the water like he hasn't drank in days.

3:30pm - We load up the car and run a quick errand.

4:15pm - We get back home and I remember that I need to water the plants on the patio. Ethan plays with the pea gravel in between the pavers.

4:30pm - I decide that we need to go on a wagon ride. I make Ethan wear his bucket hat because of the sun. Usually he pulls it off once or twice before he finally gives in, but today he doesn't fight it at all. Ethan giggles as soon as I start pulling the wagon. We make our way down the hike and bike trail in our neighborhood and run into the neighbor who lives behind us. We talk about them finally selling their house.

5:00pm - We're back home. We unload, put the wagon away, and I get Ethan some water since it was pretty warm outside. I refer to my weekly menus to pick something to cook tonight. I don't start cooking yet, but now I have an idea of what I'll be doing.

5:15pm - We both go back into the office so I can check my email one more time {yeah, I check my email a what?}. While I'm at the desk, I make a list for all the remaining things I have to do for Ethan's birthday party. Ethan plays with his basket of toys in the office. This time he puts things in and out of the trash can. I make a mental note to check the trash can later for toys before I empty it.

5:30pm - Back to the kitchen. Now that I'm writing it down, I realize that I spend a lot of time in the office and the kitchen during my day. I get Ethan's dinner ready. He plays in the kitchen again...this time with a pot and spoon that I take out for him. I reheat some leftover baked tilapia and steam some fresh zucchini in the microwave for him.

6:00pm - Ethan is done with dinner. I wipe him and his chair down and toss his tray and cup into the sink. I'll wash those later.

6:10pm - Ethan goes into the tub. He gets washed, plays with his toys, squeals, splashes, and watches almost all of the water drain from the tub.

6:35pm - I dry Ethan off after the bath and play peek-a-boo with the towel, which he loves. I put lotion on him, which he does not love. Then I dress him in his pjs and comb his hair. Casey is home now and he takes Ethan to the living room to play for a while. They do top secret father/son stuff. I go to the kitchen and wash up a few things in the sink and get some preparations going for our dinner.

7:00pm - I hug and kiss Ethan goodnight and Casey takes him to his room to read a few books before bed. When Ethan is done with reading he'll shut the book forcefully or kick it with his feet. That's his signal that it's time to snuggle with daddy and go to the crib for the night. I pick up any toys that are still lying around the house.

7:15pm-Ethan is down and Casey heads to the office to check his email. I make dinner.

7:30pm-10:30pm - We eat dinner, talk, watch TV and go to bed. Sometimes I read or finally get around to painting my toe nails. No bon bons, though.


Mary said...

I tend to spend lots of time in the office is our only link to the outside world! Everything sounds similar, except I do much more refereeing fights and asking kids to pick up. Plus, there are the spankings. One difference for us, when the kids both nap together....mommy usually tries to nap too!

Carissa said...

I'm impressed that you put on makeup even if you're just working outside!

mindy said...

you're such a good mama! what a sweet idea--documenting a typical day:)

LoriLoo310 said...

He eats so well! I am always fascinated with the kids who will eat what is put in front of them. My child would prefer to starve himself.