Monday, May 11, 2009

Packing Heavily


I am really good at packing lightly. It was one of the prerequisites of traveling with my family growing up. But gone are the days when we can leave the house for the weekend with just a bag between the two of us. The child requires stuff. More than I'd like to bring along for just a little weekend getaway. But, sometimes we like to bring him too so the stuff is packed. To our credit, about 1/4 of that stuff was left at the lake house and another 1/4 of it was food that got eaten. More on my first "official" Mother's Day (although being 9 months pregnant last time it sure felt like I was a mother) and trip to the lake house with friends later.


Ethan helped me pack the food...probably to make sure I didn't forget any of his stuff.


**Edited to add: I've been thinking since I posted this yesterday that the title should probably be "Packing Heavily" since that is gramatically correct. Does the fact that the phrase is a colloquialism excuse the bad grammar? I've decided that I don't think so. So, I changed it because I can't stand it when adverbs aren't used correctly.**

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Mary said...

You should have seen our car, yours does look like it is packed light in comparison! But you aren't kidding, the amount of stuff one little person requires is quite ridiculous!