Thursday, June 25, 2009

No Boxes...No Posts

We've been busy this week...not that any other week is not relatively busy. But, we've unpacked all the boxes and continued to get settled into our new place. I've been hanging pictures, drapes and sorting out the stuff that we'll be selling in a garage sale soon. The garage is the last hold-out. There are three boxes in there and various tools that want organizing. And in hind-sight, the garage is something we should have sorted out sooner. Because in all the re-assembling of furniture, hanging of pictures and various other random projects around here, we've needed tools. And it has been so frustrating to have to dig around out there to find what we need.

I've got a lot of pictures to edit. I've taken some of Ethan playing on his new outdoor playset that Mimi and Pop got him for his birthday. I have pictures from the other house of him playing with bubbles. And I've got some of the new house that I need to post too. I realize that it does no good to talk about pictures...showing is better. But, I'll be gone this weekend, Casey and Ethan will be hanging out at home together, and I will edit pictures next week. I hope.

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Mary said...

Enjoy your weekend at the Lake House, get some good sun!