Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Thunder and More

The rain this morning was great. I love thunderstorms in the summer. Not just because they cool things off for a while, but because they seem to have a different quality than storms at other times of the year. Maybe I just appreciate them more because they are few and far between. I don't know...I just like them.

And the storm provided a great backdrop for staying home and doing what must be done after a week of vacationing...make-up work. So, the washing machine, dryer, and dish washer were all running this morning while I was whipping around the house trying to get everything back to normal around here. I'm nearly done.

And this past week I had several "not me" moments. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can read about this weekly post theme at McMama's blog. But here, I'll go ahead and tell what I didn't do last week:

1. I didn't forget to add the eggs into the chocolate cake I made for myself and Casey at the lake house last week. And I didn't just go ahead and slap on the icing and eat it anyway.

2. I did not jump up and scream for about 10 minutes when I discovered a scorpion crawling on my blanket while sitting on the couch (at the lake house). This did not give Casey a heart attack and we were not jumpy the rest of the evening.

3. I did not turn my back on Ethan to put down his sippy cup while he was sitting in a chair by the pool. He did not, in that very instant, decide to fall forward on his head on to the concrete. And he did not have a bruise on his head for approximately three days afterward. (Good grief.)

4. I did not trip over my child, knocking him down, while trying desperately to get away from a 5 cm millipede on the floor (again, at the lake house). No bruises this time, thank goodness.

5. And upon returning home, I did not give my husband soured milk for his cereal because I didn't think to check the expiration date even though we had been gone for almost a week.


Mary said...

Hilarious! I love your Not Me Mondays! Trust me, I "did not do" lots of stuff like that before either! (Like I have NEVER run away from a bee or wasp and left my child right in front of it, helpless, just to save myself!)

gayle said...

What's with all of the insects?! :)