Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Hey, isn't it summertime? I thought it was. Because my calendar says it's July and the temperature is certainly summer-like. But I'm not sure the retail stores are going by the same calendar because today I tried to find some jean or khaki shorts and a bathing suit at a couple of places. There were slim pickings, I tell you. It's the middle of JULY...this should be prime season for swimsuits and shorts! I had to ask a sales person to take the pair of shorts I bought off their mannequin, for crying out loud. And I was lucky to get that. But maybe it's me who is behind the times, because apparently we're rushing into back-to-school clothing already. Really?


Unknown said...

I've found that some places still have swimsuits full price, while others are clearing them out. Lucky for me, we got a new swimsuit for Ava at Gymboree today on clearance. It's tough around here since the temps stay high till October but the shorts are sold out by August. I guess you have to plan ahead...which I am thinking might be a talent of yours.

Landsend has some good swimsuit deals right now- their sizes are pretty accurate, and their suits fit really well. They have free returns at Sears if it doesn't fit. You could try them.

Mary said...

I know, they were stocking the shelves with coats today at the store....COATS!!! When all I want to do is be as scantily clothed as possible to avoid overheating!!!